eBook release 2021

India 2047:Empowering the People – Supplementary Edition 2021 Released

The Supplementary Edition 2021, a supplement to the Empower India Foundation flagship document ‘India 2047: Empowering the People,” was released by former Union Minority Minister and former Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairperson Dr Rahman Khan at the concluding session of the Empower India Second National Conclave held at the Indian Social Institute here two days ago.

Empower India Foundation (EIF) chairperson Mohammad Raphy chaired the function. Prof. Amitabh Kundu, Chairman of the Post-Sachar Evaluation Committee, delivered the Keynote address.

Speaking after releasing the document, Dr Rahman Khan complimented EIF by describing the data collection made available as a good effort. He said data is very necessary for undertaking any constructive task. Data is like a lighthouse. With the economic, educational and social developments of Indian Muslims which have to be undertaken, the data collection made by EIF will be very helpful, he pointed out. Moreover, NGOs which are working in various fields would get guidance using this data on what has to be done, he asserted.

Delivering the keynote address Prof. Amitabh Kundu, a retired faculty of JNU, New Delhi, expressed happiness that a large civil society organisation EIF, which is intervening, is also trying to look at the overall macro scenario. This concern for building macro scenario came to EIF even before the Government of India formally launched the programme for the 2047 vision. “So, I am glad that EIF thought about this vision document to be prepared before even the Government of India could conceptualise it in a way”, said Prof Kundu.

Prof. Kundu pointed out that it has been said that 21st century would belong to India while Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also claimed that India will achieve a five trillion economy. However, in the face of inequality and discrimination let loose against the minorities and marginalised sections of the society in the prevailing hate environment in the country the goal of a five trillion economy to be achieved will be counter-productive and prove to be a mirage, he added.

EM Abdul Rahiman, the former Chairperson of the EFI Trust, said that the Empower India Foundation has formulated a detailed plan called India 2047, under which a vision document has been prepared to empower the Muslims of the country. “There are many challenges in strengthening Muslims but we will overcome them all and move forward”, said Abdul Rahiman.

He said that to further the India 2047 project, Empower India Chapters have been started in eight states of the country and new Chapters will be set up in other states also. He further said that he was not afraid or silent about the atmosphere of hatred being created in the country but was engaged in realising the “Idea of ​​India”.

Research & Publications Head and Executive Editor of the Supplementary Edition, Mohamed Asif Ben Mammutty briefly introduced the Supplementary Edition 2021, Dr Khalid Khan, Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Dalit Studies, explained the Data Tables incorporated in the document and Mohamed Shaffeeq N, EIF CEO presented the 2nd phase report.

Prof. Nishath Khalida Parveen, EIF Vice-chairperson and EIF Trustees Adv. Sharafuddin Ahmed and Parvez Bari also spoke on the occasion. While EIF general secretary Nainar Sultan welcomed the gathering, Relations Head Faiz Mohammed proposed a vote of thanks.