About Empower India Foundation

Empower India Foundation (EIF) is an institution which is registered as a Trust to provide conceptual, intellectual and motivational support to the marginalised sections for their empowerment by own efforts. The mission of EIF is to guide, facilitate and coordinate individuals, groups, institutions and organisations in different parts of the country in their community development endeavours. EIF priority agenda is not to directly run local projects.  

EIF is in the process of building a system and network of academics and activists to perform the role more like that of a pro-active think tank, committed to the task of empowerment.  Based on this concept, the idea of EIF is to focus on three areas, namely Relations, Research and Publications.

India 2047 is the flagship project of Empower India Foundation.  The project is the manifestation of the relentless efforts of the EIF team for more than three years. Several brainstorming sessions, get together programmes and seminars were held across the country in this regard.   The project envisages to ameliorate the current socio-political-economic-cultural-educational status of Muslim community in India by the dawn of the second century of independence. The exhaustive and comprehensive India 2047 Project Document was released by late Justice Rajinder Sachar in New Delhi on the 70th Independence Day of India. 

India 2047 sets the vision and mission, identifies the focus areas and lists specific objectives and initiatives to be undertaken to achieve total empowerment.