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Students Enrolment in Higher Educational Institutions in India (2010-2020) (in percentage) View & Download
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Literacy Rate of Religious communities (2007 – 08)View & Download
Never attended any Educational Institutions (2011 – 12) View & Download
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Average annual expenditure per student of age 5โ€“29 years in general education by major religious communities – 2007-08View & Download
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Gross Attendance Ratio (%) for different level of education for each religionView & Download
Number (Per 1000) of never-enrolled persons (age 5-29 years) for different religionsView & Download
Statewise number of Out of School Children by Religion in the age group 6 – 13 years (2014 – Rural + Urban)View & Download
Comparative Picture of Out of School ChildrenView & Download
Educational Indicators for major group of excluded childrenView & Download
Literacy, current attendance and dropout of studentsView & Download
Statewise % of Muslim students enrollment in Higher Educational InstitutionsView & Download
National rural & urban poverty rates by religious groups at Lakdawala lines View & Download
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Head Count Ratio (Percentage of Poor) View & Download
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Monthly per capita consumption expenditure (MPCE) View & Download
Muslims in Indian Incorporations View & Download
State-Wise Distribution Of Enterprises By Religion Of The Owner View & Download
Unemployment rate by current daily status by religious communities (rural + urban) as a percentage of labour force, 2004-05 and 2007-08 View & Download
Housing Indicator by Social Groups, Urban India, NSSO – 2008-09 (% of Households) View & Download
Average Floor Area of Home (NSS 69th Round) View & Download
Water and Sanitation Indicator by Social Groups, Urban India, NSSO – 2008-09 (% of Households) View & Download
Bathroom Facility (NSS 69th Round) View & Download
AMENITIES View & Download
Availability of Assets (across groups) View & Download
Percentage Distribution of Housholds by Employement status for Different Group (2009-10) View & Download
Unemployment Rate by current daily status View & Download
Labour Force Participation Rate and Worker Population Ratio (%) View & Download
Work Particiption Rate (WPR) (NSS Report 552, 468) View & Download
Health data – Muslim Women and Children View & Download
Percentage of children below -2SD of the Indicator View & Download
Adult Nutrition and Health (across Group) 2005 – 06 View & Download
Child Nutrition and Health (across group) View & Download
No of Muslim MP’s in Parliament View & Download
Representation in Indian Administrative Service (IAS) View & Download
Representation in Indian Police Service (IPS) View & Download
Total Officers View & Download
Muslim Employment in National Security Agencies (in 2001) (in %) (BSF, CRPF, CISF, SSB) View & Download
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