Board of Trustees


Mohammad Raphy

Mohammad Raphy is an Engineer by profession. He had worked in India and abroad as Network Engineer for years. A full-time social worker, Raphy is from Kozhikode, Kerala and is associated with many organisations, societies and trusts. He is actively involved in the development and empowerment of weaker and less privileged people. He is instrumental in the management of the biggest aided school in Kozhikode district of Kerala with about 4000 students.

Vice Chairperson

Prof. Nishath Khalida Parveen

An academic by profession Prof. Nishath has a Masters in Sociology, PG Diploma in CYP (Commonwealth Youth Welfare Programme) from London and a M.Phil. She also holds RBV (Rashtra Bhasha Vidvan). She is a gold medalist and 1st rank holder in Civil Defence Training from Directorate of Civil Defence & Home Guards. She had presented several papers at state and national level seminars and had organised a number of seminars and conferences. Prof. Nishath has been an active human rights activist and an ardent social worker in the field of community empowerment. Prof. Nishath is from Bengaluru, Karnataka.

General Secretary

Nainar Sultan N

A dynamic human rights and community empowerment activist from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, Nainar Sultan N is an engineering graduate in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. He had been instrumental in many projects and activities for the uplift of the downtrodden sections in the community in Tamilnadu. Working as Computer System Architect for more than a decade Sultan is an experienced Researcher.


Prof. P. Koya

Prof. P. Koya is a retired English professor from the Department of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Kerala. He had been in teaching profession for more than three decades. He holds a Masters in English Language and Literature, PG Diploma in Business Administration and Bachelor degree in Law. He has been very actively involved in social and human rights activities since his youth days and is still in the forefront of these fields. Prof. was the Editor, and then the Managing Editor of a regional newspaper in Kerala. He has translated many works from English to Malayalam. Prof. P. Koya hails from Kozhikode, Kerala.

E M Abdul Rahiman

A science graduate and holder of Masters in political science and Masters in Library and Information Science, E M Abdul Rahiman is from Kochi, Kerala. He holds a PG Diploma in Journalism, as well. Abdul Rahiman was in library service at Cochin University of Science and Technology for 27 years. An activist since his student days, EM has been actively involved in various social and political initiatives aimed at the protection of civil rights and empowerment of marginalised communities. EM Abdul Rahiman is an organiser, orator and writer.

Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmad

Sharfuddin Ahmad holds LLB (Hon) and is an advocate by profession. He practices at Allahabad High Court and District Court, Farrukhabad. Sharfuddin has been involved in socio-political activities since his school days and has held key posts in many social and political organisations. Sharfuddin Ahmad is still active in politics and stands for the empowerment of Muslim community and the marginalised sections of the society in India. Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmad presently resides in Kanpur.

Mohammed Arif Ahmed

Mohammed Arif Ahmed, a native of Hyderabad is an accountant by profession and was abroad for about a decade. He is a dynamic and energetic activist in the social, human rights and community empowerment areas since his return from abroad.

Syed Pervez Jamal Bari

Syed Pervez Bari is a journalist by profession and is a Masters holder in Chemistry. He is a Law graduate (LLB) and a graduate in Education (B.Ed). Bari is a native of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He is a dynamic and enthusiastic social activist in human rights and community empowerment fields. Syed Parvez is a freelance correspondent who writes in and reports for many Indian and foreign newspapers and portals.

Mohammed Shahabuddin

Muhammad Sahabuddin, a native of Murshidabad, West Bengal holds a Masters in Bengali & History. He has been a fulltime social worker for the past several years and an activist in social, community empowerment and human rights fields.

Afsel Chandrankandy

Afsel belongs to Kannur, Kerala. He is an IT professional and had worked at both public and private sectors in IT field. A graduate in science, he holds a Masters in Computer Applications and is now pursuing Masters in Public Policy & Governance. Experienced in grassroots work in the remote villages in north India, Afsel is an enthusiastic social and community empowerment activist.

Mohammad Pervez Ahmed

Mohammed Perwez Ahmed is a graduate and Diploma holder in Computer Applications. He works as a Branding & Promotion Designer in New Delhi. Apart from being a forefront activist in community empowerment and social domains, Perwez is involved in educational and relief activities as well. He was born and brought up in a village in Bihar.

Mohamed Shaffeeq N

Mohamed Shaffeeq N is a B.Tech graduate in Electronics and Instrumentation, and a Social Entrepreneur and Renewable Energy Engineer by profession. He hails from Cochin, Kerala. Shaffeeq has been actively involved in social activities for the past 15 years. He is co-founder of a CSR initiative to electrify the economically backward villages using solar energy. Shaffeeq holds key roles in many social organisations. Mohamed Shaffeeq is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Faiz Mohammed K

Faiz Mohammed holds a Masters in Computer Science and Applications, and Bachelors in Science. A native of Kozhikode, Kerala, Faiz is a computer professional. He has worked abroad in the IT field and is the developer of Electronic Place Finder, the first commercial GIS product in the gulf region. He has led many apps and software development projects in the gulf. Faiz had attended several regional and international seminars while abroad, and was the Managing Director of a language newspaper in Kerala. He has been a community empowerment activist since long. Faiz Mohammed is the Head of Relations

Mohamed Asif Ben Mammutty

Mohamed Asif hailing from Sulthan Bathey, Kerala has completed his degree course in science and pursued LLB for a couple of years. He had been a government employee in the Kerala Revenue Department. He had worked in a multi-national company abroad as Planning Analyst. An activist in the social, cultural, political, religious, sports, human rights and social media domains, he has held key posts in these organisations. He is one of the first Kerala State qualified cricket umpires, and a Competent Toast Master (CTM) of Toastmasters International. He has authored one book in English and translated four books from Malayalam to English. Ben Mammutty is the Head of Research & Publications