Focus Areas


Create effective govern-ance with adequate representation of Muslims and all other deprived classes, thereby fulfilling the goal of inclusive democracy


Make advancement in the economic conditions of the Muslims by placing them at par with other developed communities


Attain total educational empowerment of the Indian Muslim community on par with the best global standards


Raise the general health, sanitation and hygiene standards of the Muslim community on par with the best global standards


Ensure fair representation and influence of Muslims and other marginalised societies in all forms of media


Empower Muslim women to partner the total growth of Muslim community and Indian society and enable them to take lead role in empowering Indian women

Children & Youth

Empower the children and youth of the community and develop them as agents of positive social change

Social Reformation

Uplift Muslims to the status of the best community by infusing self-esteem, sense of confidence and refinement.

Civil Rights

Ensure fundamental rights, equal justice, social security and legal protection guaranteed to citizens in general and minorities in particular as per Indian Constitution, customs and international covenants

Broad-Based Alliance

Build alliances with different social, cultural, religious and political groups to establish a new social order that promotes equality, justice, representation, pluralism, co-existence and social harmony

Culture & Heritage

Preserve and promote the culture and heritage of Indian Muslims and forefront the real Indian history