IMDAD India, an ambitious project of Nationwide Network of Information & Service Centres connecting the deprived to the Government is an initiative of India 2047 aiming to bring government services to common people who have no access to online services and far-away government offices. National level launching of this initiative took place in Chennai on 15th August 2018 in the presence of an august gathering.

Chief guest Dr. J. Sadakathullah, former Regional Director of Reserve Bank of India, Chennai inaugurated the launching of IMDAD India project. Empower India Foundation Chairman EM Abdul Rahiman presided over the function. Vice-chairperson Prof. Nishath Khalida Parveen and General Secretary Anis Ahmed, India-2047 Executive Secretary Mohammed Raphy, Popular Front of India Vice-chairman OMA Salam and other dignitaries were present on the occasion. Large scale participation of NGOs from Tamil Nadu was the highlight of the event.

Dr. J. Sadakathullah appreciated the efforts of EIF, especially the initiative IMDAD India which is the need of the hour. He lauded EIF’s project document “India 2047: Empowering the People” quoting late Justice Rajinder Sachar “EIF has done such a stupendous job which the governments of the day could not do in the last 70 years of Independence”.

Ahmad Kutty, Head of Relations, India-2047, while introducing IMDAD India through a PowerPoint presentation said that IMDAD is aimed to help the common mass to get information and avail various government services online. The services are of two types. One is providing information to the client and other is delivering services to them.

Within a period of 10 years, the project should be able to elevate the community to a status wherein, more than 90 percent of the eligible members would benefit from the available welfare schemes and empowerment opportunities delivered through various government departments. The results are expected to reflect in the improvement in educational enrolment, reduction in unemployment, increase in the utilisation of government welfare schemes and eradication of poverty, he claimed.

Chairman EM Abdul Rahiman in his presidential speech said that presently India was at crossroads as constitutional rights are being challenged wherein equal civil rights are being denied to minorities especially to Muslims. The rise of Right-wing communal politics and their control of government institutions and the soft Hindutva line of secular parties and their governments are also targeting Muslims.

He said that there was no doubt India is developing and the wealth of this nation is growing. However, growth and development at the cost of social justice is a real challenge. The gap between the privileged and marginalised sections is also growing. Along with Tribals and Dalits, Muslims are the victims of this unethical and unbalanced growth. “Our dream is of a strong India. Strength of the people is the real strength of the nation. Our vision is of an all-inclusive just India as the nation will remain handicapped till all sections are equally empowered,” he concluded.

Muhammad Raphy, executive secretary India-2047, using a PowerPoint presentation briefed the audience about the progress of Pilot Projects undertaken by India-2047 Project.

M. A. Salam, Vice-chairman of Popular Front of India, Journalist Pervez Bari, Popular Front Tamilnadu State President M. Mohammed Ismail, National Vice President of Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI) Dehlan Baaqavi; Rehab India Foundation Secretary Afzal Chandrankandi, NRI representative Dr. C. K. Abdullah were amongst others who spoke on the occasion.

Empower India Foundation General Secretary Anis Ahmad welcomed the guests and Popular Front Campus Front National Executive Committee member Nainar Sultan proposed a vote of thanks.