Empower India Foundation (EIF) invites people to become its Chapter members

“You can think globally. You can plan nationally. But you have to act locally.”

Empower India Foundation (EIF) is an institution formed to provide conceptual, intellectual and motivational support to the marginalised sections for their empowerment by own efforts. The mission of EIF is to guide, facilitate and coordinate individuals, groups, institutions and organisations in different parts of the country in their community development endeavours. EIF priority agenda is not to directly run local projects, and so, to make the projects envisioned in the India 2047 Project Document down to earth, teams capable of identifying issues of the targetted community that need empowerment in the locality; and agents ready to implement projects addressing the identified issues have to be constituted. EIF is in the process of forming local Chapters across the country to fulfil this requirement of Muslim empowerment.

The effort needs support and involvement of volunteers committed to serve the community in the empowerment activities. Anybody of this nature can become a member of the local Chapters by applying to EIF in the attached google form. The applicants will be contacted from the EIF office to plan the Chapter formation and further activities.

Currently, in the first phase, EIF is focusing on Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Delhi.

Interested volunteers to join as the member from other states too are welcome.

Join us to be part of this empowerment cause.